Why is Renal Transplantation Needed? Renal Transplant By Top Neprologist in Hyderabad

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Why is Renal Transplantation Needed? Renal Transplant By Top Neprologist in Hyderabad

A kidney transplant is a surgical operation carried out in order to place a healthy kidney from a living or deceased donor in someone whose kidneys are no longer functional. It is to be noted that only one kidney is used as a replacement which is enough to perform all the functions taking over the work of the two kidneys that failed.

Why is renal transplant needed?

Kidneys are a crucial part of the human body which filters approximately 170 liters of blood every day and flush out unwanted waste through urine. If kidneys stop functioning or show any kind of a glitch, it has a severe impact on the body and is required dire attention. 

A few of the remedial measures include medications, dialysis, and transplant. If the kidney disease is in the initial or middle stages, it may well be controlled and be rid of through medications and dialysis but if the damage has reached the cusp of irreversible deterioration, renal transplant becomes mandatory. After ensuring that the other alternatives have gone non-responsive, kidney transplant is suggested. Renal transplant, though always with a margin for error and incongruency, for the most part, remedies the problem permanently, period. 

Who needs a renal transplant?

Renal transplant should not be mistaken for the last resort, the thing to do when you have run out of options. For that’s hardly the case. Most doctors prefer transplant over dialysis. Though before suggesting the transplant right away, it is necessary to analyze the patient and ensure whether he/she is prepared enough to go through the transplant.


Anyone experiencing symptoms and diagnosed with last stage kidney failure (occasionally stage 4) or ESRD (end-stage kidney disease) is eligible for a renal transplant

A few requisite lab tests are run and according to the lab reports, the doctor will assess whether the kidneys are under deterioration and if so, what stage has it reached.

Despite the evident need for a transplant, there are various contraindications that are considered for each individual before waving green to further treatment. A person may be precluded from transplantation if :

    • The patient has a history of 2 to 5 years with active malignancy (cancer)
    • The patient is indulged in drugs and alcohol abuse
    • The patient has cardiac/peripheral vascular diseases with almost no chance of rectification
    • The patient is suffering from severe pulmonary hypertension
    • The patient’s BMI (body mass index) is higher than 40
    • The patient has active psychiatric disorders
    • The patient has active and untreated infections
    • The patient is diagnosed with active immunologic disorders that could affect the transplant graft
    • The patient is found with affected or dysfunctional urinary tract
    • The patient is diagnosed with active hepatitis B or C
    • The patient is highly sensitized with high antibody levels
  • Lack of insurance coverage and stability to cover funds 

Once the patient has met all the above-listed criteria, further preparations are made. 

After it has been established that the patient is ready for the treatment, he/she is to wait until the right kidney match is found. It might take days or even months depending upon availability. Kidney Patients may consult with Dr.B.Vijay Kiran. He is the best Kidney doctor in Hyderabad.  Book an Appointment click here

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