Renal Transplantation

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Kidney Transplant Cost & Procedures

As per the top-rated kidney transplant doctor Hyderabad, Kidney transplant is a surgical process that replaces a malfunctioning kidney with a healthy kidney sourced from a living or deceased donor.

Kidneys are bean-shaped organs that are located below the ribcage on each side of the spine in the lower back. These are approximately the size of your fists. The kidneys are responsible for filtering and removing the waste products from the blood. As the kidneys filter out the excess minerals and fluids from the bloodstream, these are converted into urine which is then transferred out of the body through the urinary system.

In case kidneys stop filtering the waste from the blood, it results in increase of harmful fluids and waste materials in the body. These eventually get collected in the kidney or are transported back into the body through the blood stream. In such an event, the patient faces risk of high blood pressure and even complete kidney failure. Kidney failure is diagnosed when the kidney loses 90% of its filtering ability.

Some of the most prevalent causes of complete kidney failure include:

  • Uncontrolled or chronic high blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic glomerulonephritis which results in swelling and eventual scarring of the glomeruli (tiny filters) that are located all over the kidney
  • Polycystic kidney disorder

Those suffering from kidney failure need to undergo Kidney dialysis, which is an artificial process of cleansing the waste products from the blood stream using a special medical device. In extreme cases, kidney transplant is highly advised for the patient to resume normal everyday activities.

Best Doctor for Kidney Transplant in Hyderabad

It is strongly recommended to choose the best doctor for kidney transplant in Hyderabad, to ensure that you get the safest and most satisfactory kidney transplant in India. A skilled, experienced, and highly trained kidney specialist in Hyderabad will be able to provide an effective and efficient kidney transplant.

A kidney transplant is mostly the best treatment for kidney failure if you wish to avoid the stress and expensive cost of constant and regular dialysis. A kidney transplant by expert kidney transplant doctor Hyderabad can effectively treat chronic kidney disease and give immediate relief from end-stage kidney disease which leads to restoring normal, healthy living for patients.

As compared to undergoing dialysis on a regular basis, some of the top benefits of kidney transplant are:

  • Improved quality of life
  • Lowered fatality risk
  • Lower cost of treatment
  • Less restrictions on diet after treatment

Preemptive kidney transplant is when a person chooses to undergo a kidney transplant without undergoing dialysis, and this has been deemed immensely beneficial for such cases.

Risk Factors of Kidney Transplant

As is seen with any other major surgical and transplant procedure, there are several risk factors that may arise from kidney transplant too. Although kidney transplant can treat end-stage kidney disease and prevent kidney failure, it is not considered to be a cure for the problem. At times, some kidney diseases may come back even after a kidney transplant.

One of the common risks associated with the surgery for kidney transplant is organ rejection, which arises when the donated kidney is rejected by the recipient’s immune system despite administering of anti-rejection and immune-suppressants to prevent it.

How to Prepare for Kidney Transplant

Before considering a kidney transplant, it is strongly advised to consult with a renowned and expert kidney transplant specialist, such as Dr. B. Vijay Kiran, highly rated nephrologist from Hyderabad who can evaluate your individual case and enlighten you of the risk of complications you may face after the surgery.

The first step in preparing for kidney transplant involves selecting a transplant center on the doctor’s referral.

Next is the evaluation stage. In this, the transplant center team will assess your overall health and your outlook towards the end result. A complete physical exam, blood tests and psychological evaluation are part of this stage.

Once you are deemed to be ready for a kidney transplant, the transplant center will inform you of the good news.

What Happens During and After the Procedure

Initially, the transplant center will search for a donor kidney which matches your blood type and tissue type to prevent risk of organ rejection.

Kidney donation often involves receiving kidney from a healthy donor, most preferably who is closely related to the patient.

For the procedure, general anesthesia is administered to prevent you from feeling any pain as the procedure is underway. An incision to one side of the lower abdomen gives the kidney surgeon clear access to remove the diseased kidney and carefully replace it with the healthy donor kidney.

Best Doctor For Kidney Transplant in Hyderabad

Renal Transplantation Doctor in Telangana
Renal Transplantation Doctor in Telangana

Renal Transplantation

Renal Transplantation Doctor in Telangana
Renal Transplantation Doctor in Telangana

Renal Transplantation Doctor in Telangana

Renal Transplantation Doctor in Telangana
Renal Transplantation Doctor in Telangana

Best Doctor For Kidney Transplant in Hyderabad

Renal Transplantation Physician Hyderabad, Telangana, renal transplantation specialist Hyderabad, renal transplantation doctor Secunderabad Telangana, renal biopsy, and many more. Kidney disease treatments are available under the guidance of a prominent Kidney Doctor, called Dr.B. Vijay Kiran, the best nephrologist in Secunderabad

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