Kidney Treatments and Procedures Prescribed By Top-Ranked Nephrologist in Hyderabad

The kidneys are a couple of important organs in our body. These are the filters that help to catch and clear out unwanted excess fluids, minerals, and waste materials from our bodies. There are several reasons and factors that affect their functioning. This may lead to kidney disease or may even cause the failure of the kidneys to function completely. Check out some of the more common kidney problems, kidney treatments, and procedures offered by the best & Top-Ranked Nephrologist in Hyderabad.

Renal Treatments at NIMS, Hyderabad

Kidney stones are caused through hereditary, insufficient water intake, being overweight, undergoing gastric bypass surgery and various other medical conditions. Kidney stones are recognized by several symptoms, including:

  • Blood in urine
  • Pain while urinating
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Intense pain in the lower back or lower abdomen

The treatment for kidney stones is mainly decided by the size of the kidney stone by the top kidney stone treatment specialist Hyderabad. The patient requires undergoing diagnostic imaging tests, such as CT-Scan test, or X-ray tests. Mostly, kidney stones are removed using conventional surgical or laser surgical methods.

People suffering from diabetes often report suffering from high blood pressure (hypertension) as well. Diabetes tends to damage arteries by making them hard, thus leading to atherosclerosis. This condition causes high blood pressure. If hypertension is not treated by top nephrologist in Hyderabad, then it can lead to severe problems, such as damaging blood vessels, kidney failure, and even cause a heart attack.

As high blood pressure does not show symptoms, it is advised to get your blood pressure checked regularly. The best nephrologist in Hyderabad can successfully treat diabetes and high blood pressure using medications that can prevent kidney diseases as well.

Chronic kidney disease results in a gradual loss of kidney functions. Advanced stages of chronic kidney disease tend to cause severe problems, such as high levels of fluid, electrolyte, and waste accumulation in the body. These problems result in affecting kidney functions. If left untreated, these can also result in kidney failure too. This condition often does not display any noticeable signs or symptoms. An expert and top nephrologist in Hyderabad can treat this condition by following the progress of damage to the kidney at the time of diagnosis.

A top-rated nephrologist for renal failure in Secunderabad is highly recommended for anyone suffering from acute kidney failure. This condition is caused when the kidney suddenly becomes unable to function properly. When the kidneys lose their filtering abilities, this can cause abnormally high levels of waste and fluid to get collected in the body. This can lead to chemical and hormonal imbalance in the patient. Acute kidney failure is a severe condition and requires intensive care when diagnosed.

Some of the top symptoms of acute kidney failure include:

  • Decreases urine
  • Fluid retention swells up lower limbs
  • Shortness of breath
  • Constant tiredness

It is highly recommended to choose the best kidney transplant nephrologist in Hyderabad to ensure that you get the best treatment for acute kidney failure.

End-stage kidney (renal) disease also results in gradual loss of kidney functions. This disease stops the kidneys from filtering out the waste from your bloodstream. This is an extremely severe condition that requires undergoing kidney biopsy treatment Secunderabad so that you can choose successful kidney treatment from the best kidney transplant nephrologist in Hyderabad.

Top-nephrologist in hyderabad

Best Nephrologist in Hyderabad

Top-Rated Nephrologist in Hyderabad

Top-Rated Nephrologist in Hyderabad

top-rated nephrologist in hyderabad
top-rated nephrologist in hyderabad

For any type of kidney disease or disorder, it is highly recommended to consult and get treated at the hands of the top-ranked nephrologist in Hyderabad.

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