Best Kidney Transplant Treatment in Hyderabad-BY Dr.B.Vijay Kiran

Best Kidney Transplant Treatment in Hyderabad-BY Dr.B.Vijay Kiran

The human body is a complex machine with various organs contributing as essential parts for its normal functioning. There are thousands of small and large processes taking place in the body at any given time. Every organ is responsible for handling a major task. The kidneys are fist-sized bean-shaped organs located at the lower end of the rib cage on each side and are responsible for filtering out the waste materials and excess water from the bloodstream by converting it into urine. Get in touch here with the best kidney transplant doctor in HyderabadAs with any organ, the kidneys may also get affected by a disorder or disease which may cause it to stop functioning normally. Although there are treatment methods available to relieve kidney problems, when the damage is excessive, the patient may need to undergo a kidney transplant. This is where the best Nephrologist in NIMS Hospital in Secunderabad can be the ideal solution.

Why is there a need for a Kidney Transplant?

Almost every patient undergoing kidney transplant treatment in Secunderabad has a damaged kidney which is no longer able to filter out unwanted water, waste, and minerals from the bloodstream. This causes a rise in the blood pressure and results in complete kidney failure, also known as end-stage kidney disease. Doctors determine that when the kidney loses over 90% of the ability to filter out waste from the bloodstream, it is considered to have entered end-stage kidney disease and doctors advise the patient to undergo a kidney transplant from an experienced and trusted kidney transplant doctor in Hyderabad.

Some of the most common reasons that result in the development of end-stage kidney disease which requires the patient to undergo kidney transplant are:

  • Polycystic kidney disease
  • Chronic glomerulonephritis (causes inflammation resulting in scarring in the tiny filters of the kidney)
  • Chronic uncontrolled high blood pressure
  • Diabetes

Patients suffering from end-stage kidney disease become dependent on dialysis (artificial blood filtering) as a regular process to filter out the waste and water from their bloodstream. To avoid the inconvenience, leading renal transplant specialist in Hyderabad recommends such patients to undergo kidney transplant treatment as a permanent solution.

How helpful is Kidney Transplant Treatment in Secunderabad?

The best kidney transplant treatment in Secunderabad is the top choice for patients suffering from end-stage kidney disease who wish to have an effective and permanent treatment for their malfunctioning kidneys. Kidney transplant, although seemingly more expensive, is the ideal alternative to a life-long dependency on dialysis for keeping your blood clean and body healthy.

Some of the significant ways that kidney transplant is beneficial are:

  • Kidney transplant helps to improve the quality of life
  • Kidney transplant lowers the risk of death
  • Kidney transplant results in lowering dietary restrictions
  • Kidney transplant is comparatively less expensive as compared to dialysis, in the long run

However, there are times, when a kidney transplant is not advisable, such as when the patient is:

  • Advanced in age
  • Suffering from serious heart ailments
  • Suffering from cancer
  • Undergone cancer treatment previously
  • Suffering from mental illness, such as dementia
  • Known for alcohol or drug abuse

There are also several other factors that may prevent a successful kidney transplant in a patient suffering from end-stage kidney disease and this may make dialysis an effective treatment for such patients.

One of the best things about kidney transplants is that a person can function with only one kidney. This proves beneficial to procure healthy kidneys from live donors and a patient needs to have only one kidney transplanted for functioning normally once again.

How to find the best Kidney Transplant Doctor in Hyderabad?

Your physician or another kidney specialist may advise you to undergo kidney transplant treatment in Secunderabad in case there is an extreme loss of functioning in both of your kidneys. It is important to choose the right specialist and center for kidney transplants.

Mostly, doctors in Telangana and surrounding regions normally recommend patients to consult the top Nephrologist in NIMS Hospital in Secunderabad to ensure a successful kidney transplant procedure.

However, the patient too needs to do their own research and determine if the advised doctor is ideal for their kidney transplant procedure. To do this, there are certain factors which you can check, such as:

  • The type and number of kidney transplants that the doctor and hospital performs every year
  • The survival rate of kidney transplant patients at the transplant center
  • Compare success and efficiency statistics of several transplant centers
  • If the transplant center has an in-house donor program which increases the chances to get a donated kidney from a live donor

NIMS Hospital in Secunderabad boasts of the most experienced and skilled kidney transplant doctor in Hyderabad and ensures optimal treatment and after-care for every kidney transplant patient in their hospital.


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