5 Important Kidney Health Numbers that You Must Know

5 important kidney health numbers

5 Important Kidney Health Numbers that You Must Know

A kidney problem – some, when discovering that they are suffering from a health disease related to kidney, start looking for different ways through which they can get rid of diseases. Some visits, the best nephrologist in Hyderabad like Dr.B.Vijay Kiran who is famous for being one of the most reputed kidney doctors, have healed many patients who have been wondering for different ways to get rid of the kidney disease. Now, talking about kidneys, there are 5 important kidney health numbers that say how strong your kidney is, and what instructions you need to follow if you have kidney issues.

Though there are many best CKD doctor in Hyderabad, you must visit Dr.B.Vijay Kiran to get the best services at reasonable fees. Moving ahead, let us see which are the 5 vital kidney health numbers. After going through this, you can also analyze how healthy your kidney is.

5 Important Kidney Health Numbers that You Must Know:

  1. Estimated GFR:

The Estimated GFR is the number that measures how your kidney is functioning, and it should give the result around 60. 60 is considered normal that represents that your kidney is functioning perfectly fine, but if it is showing below 60, then the time has come to consult the best kidney doctor in Hyderabad who can help you out in this situation.

GFR stands for Glomerular filtration rate that gives outcomes about whether your kidney is filtering the blood in your body as necessary or not.

  1. Albumin to Creatinine Ratio:

It gives an estimated amount of protein that is present in your urine each day. If protein is present in your urine, then it is assumed that there is some problem with your kidney, and it is important to consult an expert nephrologist in Hyderabad 

The normal amount of protein should be 30, if it is crossing 30 then you have to consult your doctor as soon as possible otherwise, you might get infected with other problems too.

  1. Blood Glucose:

The main agenda of checking blood glucose is to know whether you have diabetes or not because diabetes is one of the major reasons behind diseases related to kidney. When you are doing fasting is you have blood glucose more than 125, and when you are eating if you have blood glucose more than 200, then it says that you are suffering from diabetes. If you discover this at an early stage then it will be highly recommended to consult your doctor, and if you discover at an old age then also, you must consult a kidney doctor in Hyderabad to make sure you are not suffering from any serious kidney problem.

  1. Blood Pressure:

If you have a problem with high blood pressure or low blood pressure then there is a high probability then you might be having any kidney-related disease. In blood pressure, there are two numbers, one is the upper number, and the other one is considered as a lower number.

If the upper number of your blood pressure crosses 140, and the lower number crosses 90, then your blood pressure is too high. The normal blood pressure scale should be 140 as the upper number, and 80 as the lower number. If you do not fall under this category, then you have a BP problem for sure.

The blood pressure is mainly detected by the total amount of albumin present in your urine, and if you are suffering from diabetes.

Everybody is different, and the temperature of the blood pressure is different in every individual, so it will be good if you consult your doctor to make sure that what is the correct blood pressure level of yours.

  1. Total Cholesterol:

Cholesterol is having a direct connection with your heart – the backbone of your body. If your heart won’t work properly, no other organ will. If your cholesterol is more than 200, then your heart is at risk and you should be getting alerted, and consult the doctor.


Mentioned above are the 5 kidney health numbers. Your lifestyle, your food intake defines how your life will be, and if you will keep intaking unhealthy food, and live an indiscipline life, then you will keep your life at risk.

Stay tuned with us to know more about how you can switch to a healthy, and routine life, and how you can lead a happy, and stress-free life.

Also, do not refrain yourself from doing exercises, because remaining active can keep your body busy, and can improve the immunity that makes you stronger. We will be right back, till then keep reading. Stay healthy, and stay happy with the best life. Enjoy.


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