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Alternatives To Kidney Transplant

Alternatives To Kidney Transplant

Renal transplant is considered as the most reliable solution to kidney disease. Renal transplant relieves you from the dependency of dialysis which is time as well as labor-consuming.  How safe is a renal transplant? It also imparts the patient a comparably more active life.  However, a renal transplant may induce several after-effects both dire and

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Kidney Transplant Treatment & Procedures

After contemplating the symptoms, conducting the requisite tests and ensuring that the patient is in need of a kidney transplant, the doctor recommends the surgery. The kidney transplant procedures treatment is very complicated with its own set of risks and necessary precautions. Various preparations are done before the surgery for the successful transplant to take

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Kidney Doctor in Telangana

Kidney Failure: Cause And Symptoms

The kidneys: Kidneys are the most significant component of the human renal system. They are indispensable to our body for they act as a multi-functional unit performing a wide variety of bodily functions. These are relatively small organs but receive about 20% to 25% of the heart’s output. It is quite likely the kidneys may

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Life After Renal Transplant

Is Normal Life Possible After the Kidney Transplant? Once it has been asserted that kidneys have failed or are not working as they should, the patient is left with two alternatives as a treatment to stay alive: kidney transplant or dialysis therapy (either peritoneal or hemodialysis).  Kidney transplant, even though being a major surgery with

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