best nephrologist in hyderabad
best nephrologist in hyderabad


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Best Kidney Specialist in Hyderabad For Effective Kidney Care


telangana kidney specialist in NIMS

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Our Mission

The purpose of is to disseminate knowledge about, the physiology and pathology of one of the most important organs of the body , the Kidney. You will learn about the entire Kidney functions and overall structure under the guidance of India's best Government Kidney Doctor at NIMS, Hyderabad. This is a “not for profit” endeavour meant to improve awareness about kidney diseases and address the root cause. Our emphasis is on prevention of kidney diseases in the first place.

Common Kidney Diseases

All of our treatments and services are provided ethically according to high-quality standards. Whether you are looking for the best Kidney doctor for kids or the best Pediatric Nephrologist in Hyderabad, you can get the best consultation with Dr. B. Vijay Kiran. He is the best Kidney Specialist in Hyderabad. Dr.Vijay Kiran is specialized in Kidney Transplant, Renal Biopsy, Kidney Dialysis, Nephrotic Syndrome in Kids, Kidney Stone removal, APD, CAPD treatment. Patients with any kind of kidney disease can directly call the Doctor B.VIjay Kiran and get the best kidney treatment in Hyderabad at an affordable cost.


5 whites - salt, sugar, soda, white rice, refined wheat flour (Maida)


Diabetes, hypertension, pain killer usage, native medicines

Healthy Lifestyle

Exercise regularly, 10000 steps daily, do not smoke, reduce alcohol

Our Goal

DR.B.Vijay Kiran is the Best Kidney Doctor in Telangana. Our goal is to provide holistic kidney care with ethical and evidence-based treatment

Kidney Disease Preventions

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